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Comprehensive Evaluation of the UK Architectural Hardware Market with Updated 2007 Analysis

September 3, 2015
DUBLIN, Ireland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c72021) has announced the addition of Architectural Hardware - Portfolio Analysis to their offering.

The Portfolio Analysis - Architectural Hardware is a comprehensive evaluation of the UK market. The revised and updated 2007 edition analyses the financial performance of the companies important to the success of your business. Using the most up to date information available, the analysis is ideal both as a tool to benchmark your own companys results and to study the market in more depth.

Aimed at the busy manager, the Portfolio Analysis is both quick and easy to use thanks to the unique visual layout. The Analysis lays bare the performance of each company highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

Do you know which companies are best to do business with? Do you know which companies are selling at a loss and whose profit margins are plummeting?

Find out the answers to all these questions and more with the newly published Portfolio Analysis.

The report is divided into two colour-coded sections for your ease of use, Sector Analysis and Individual Company Analysis.

Sector Analysis

Sales growth, market share and profitability are all analysed over a 10 year period giving you the fullest picture possible of the health of the market. Companies are ranked on these categories so you can see which companies are outshining the rest. Use the industry average tables to benchmark your own companys performance- how do you compare to the rest of the industry?

Industry Analysis

Each company receives a full page of analysis, evaluating their financial performance over the last five years so you get a full picture of the long term prospects of each company. Each company page of analysis is also packed with the following information: Full business name and address, Names and ages of directors, contact details and website address, seven unique charts showing at a glance the performance of each company, averages for the industry are also shown indicating the bare minimum each company should be looking to achieve, and five years of the latest accounts available,

New! Written summary on each company highlighting their key strengths and weaknesses.

Just some of the companies mentioned:

Fgw Locksmiths Ltd Homeguard Lock Service LtdLloyd Worrall (Manchester) LtdFirestop Manufacturing Ltd Hoppe (U K ) Ltd Lock Services LtdFirst Choice Architectural Ironmongery Ltd House Proud (Wilmslow) LtdLock & Key Master LtdFixings Ironmongery And Tools Ltd Hurst Family International LtdLocking & Security Solutions LtdFlemings Ltd I P D Furniture LtdLockmasters Mobile (National Accounts) LtdFortress Interlocks Ltd Ian Firth Hardware Ltd Locks And Fittings LtdFox's Stores Ltd Ifam (UK) Ltd Locks 'N' Tools LtdFranchi Locks & Tools Ltd Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies LtdLocks On Line LtdFrank Allart & Co Ltd Inifer Potter & Son LtdLocks & Latches (Stafford) LtdFrank Thomson (Crieff) Ltd Insafe International Ltd Locksecure LtdFrelan Hardware Ltd Instock Hardware Ltd Locksmiths Ltd (The)Frisco (U K ) Sales Ltd Iretons Ltd Lockwise LtdG C D Security Ltd Irm Bristol Ltd Locwil LtdG Denny & Sons Ltd Ironmongery Direct Ltd Longmead Group Plc (The)G L & D M Davies Ltd Isaac Lord Ltd Lowe And Fletcher LtdG S Christopher & Co Ltd Izod And Burnip Ltd Lucas & Seaby LtdG T Lock Co Ltd J Beattie & Son Ltd M B Locking Logistics Group LtdG W Stephenson (Wholesale) Ltd J Durrance & Co Ltd M Brock LtdG Worrall & Son Ltd J E Draper Ltd M E Duffell LtdGarador Ltd J G Banfield & Sons Ltd M L Banfield & Sons LtdGatcliff Enterprises Ltd J H Adams & Sons(Ironmongers)LimitedMedway Security Centre LtdGbjb Ltd J H Blakey & Sons (Security) Ltd Meesons A I LtdGeorge Higgins (Sidcup) Ltd J H C Hardware Ltd Mercer And Sons LtdGeorge Wood & Sons (Enfield) Ltd J K M Industrial Supply Merchants LtdMerit Components LtdGeze UK Ltd J Raine & Son Ltd Meta-Woods (Sutton) LtdGibbs And Dandy Plc J Reeder Lock & Safe Co Ltd Mica (UK) LtdGill & Co (Ironmongers) Ltd J Rowlatt & Sons LtdMiddleton Hardware LtdGlobal Locking Systems Ltd J S Harrison LtdMidland Hardware Supplies LtdGlobal Security Group Ltd J Street & Co Ltd Midland Metal Alloys LtdGlutz UK Ltd J & P Hardware Ltd Mighton Products LtdGold & Wassall (Hinges) Ltd slotenmaker diemen Jack Jones (Dolgellau) LtdMike B's Security Locksmith LtdGoldings Of Bedford Ltd Jcm Locksmiths LtdMiles Architectural Ironmongery LtdGordon Trading Co Ltd (The) Jeb Supplies Ltd Millenco Hardware LtdGradans Architectural Hardware LtdJim Lawrence Traditional Ironwork Ltd Morreys (Holmes Chapel) LtdGrant Haze Ltd John Holden Security Systems Ltd Mul-T-Lock (UK) LtdGrant Haze (London) Ltd John Monaghan (Holdings) LtdMusgraves Of Windermere LtdGray & Pringle Ltd John Monaghan (Midlands) Ltd Myles Bros LtdGreenford Security Services Ltd John Monaghan (Southern) LtdNationwide Lock & Safe Co LtdGroupco Ltd John Pickard (Hardware) Ltd Nck Investments LtdGrundy's (Ironmongers) Ltd John Planck Ltd New Star Door Controls LtdGuardian Lock And Engineering Co Ltd John Richard Transponders LtdNewmans Holdings (Kettering) Ltd

For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c72021


How to remove a door while it's still closed

September 3, 2015
One of the easiest home improvement chores is replacing a doorknob. Its an easy and simple processunless of course the doorknob breaks while the door is locked in the closed position! This has happened to me twice now, so I put together this article in the hopes that it would assist other homeowners and greatly cut down on the frustration involved with this repair.

First, start gathering up the tools youll need. I recommend a standard size claw hammer, a rubber mallet, both flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers, some WD-40, and an old towel. This works best as a two-person job, so make sure to have a helper on standby. To get started, use the screwdrivers to remove as much of the old doorknob mechanism as you can. This will allow you to get a good look at whats causing the problem, and will also let you talk to your partner on the other side of the door.

Once thats complete, take a look at the side of the door that has the hinge mechanisms facing out. Most doors have three sets of hinges, which are placed at the bottom, middle, and top of the door. These hinges hold the door to the frame, and are bound together by a long pin that runs downward through the center of each set. Using the mallet and a Phillips head screwdriver, gently tap up on each of the pins until they slide up and out of place. Remove each of the pins and set them aside for now.

Once the pins are removed, the door should be free-standing on the hinges, although the locking mechanism will prevent the door from sliding out of place. Heres where your teamwork will come in! Once youve lubricated all three of the hinges with WD-40, position your partner on the side with the outward facing hinges, and have him hold the hammers claw so that he can pry outward behind one individual hinge. Once youre back on the other side, use sloten maker your rubber mallet to pound on the inside of the door in about the same spot, which will knock the door loose from the hinges. (I recommend placing an old towel over the door where you strike it, to avoid making ugly dents!) Repeat these steps on all hinges, pounding from one side and pulling from the other, until the door slides out of the frame.

Once that happens, youll be all set to remove the broken doorknob and replace it with a new product. Re-hanging the door is much easier than removing it, but you will still need the help of your trusty partner. Simply lift the door into place, and position the middle hinge pieces so that theyre even. Once youve secured both sides of that hinge with one of the long pins, you can repeat the process for both the upper and lower hinges. From there, it should only take a minute to check that youve installed the new doorknob correctly, and youll be back in business.

With any luck, assuming youve got all the tools you need, this whole procedure shouldnt take you much more than fifteen or twenty minutes. If you found this article through a Google search and it helped you get the job done, please let me know with a comment below!


Help Prevent Locksmith Scams by John Wild

September 2, 2015
Recently I have had several customers ask me what it means to be licensed, bonded and insured in Florida? Most consumers have the misconception that the person or company doing their locksmith work is licensed. This is not the case in many states, including Florida. Let me first start with insurance, since that is the simplest one to answer and is basically self explanatory. Insured means that the company or individual has liability insurance, workmans comp. insurance as well as auto insurance where it applies. This is to protect the customer in case of an unfortunate event.

Next we will go to bonding. Bonding is a lot like insurance and is either issued through an insurance company, bonding company or through an association like Associated Locksmiths OfAmerica, Inc. (ALOA). It is a preset amount of money that is available to pay for any damages that might occur. There are also bid bonds that some companies and municipalities require. This is to insure that once you are awarded a job, if for any reason you cannot live up to the terms of your contract, the customer can receive money to hire another company to fulfill your obligation.

Next comes licensing. In Florida this is a touchy subject because Florida does not require licenses for locksmiths. Many who advertise being licensed only have an occupational license which is required of anyone in business, not a trade specific license. However some locksmiths hold low voltage electrical licenses to do access control and CCTV. The state designation for these low voltage licenses would be an ES license which stands for electrical specialty. There is also an EF license which is for burglar and fire alarms as well slotenmaker amsterdam zuid as low voltage. Last there is an EC license which is for all electrical both high voltage and low voltage. In the state of Florida, even to install a battery operated lock it requires a low voltage license which most locksmith do not have.

Currently there is a bill before the Florida house (HB 107) that would require all locksmiths to be licensed. This is an industry specific license similar to an electrical, plumbing, or any other trade license. Even though our company is a state licensed electrical contractor, I personally believe it is important for consumers to know the difference. This license would require criminal background checks on all locksmiths, which is not required at this time. As of now the consumer does not know who will arrive at there door, it could be a convicted felon who would then have keys to there premise. It would also require insurance and a license number for all forms of advertisement so the consumer could check with the state to make sure the company they are dealing with is reputable.

There are many benefits for the consumer to get this bill passed through. Florida has already been targeted by what is known as the locksmith scammer or 24/7 locksmith scam that is plaguing many parts of our country and is taking advantage of many people. In order to legally combat this epidemic we must have a licensing system in place. Phony locksmiths prey on the unsuspecting consumer by running multiple ads in the phone book and internet and try to pass themselves off as a local company. They use fake addresses and many times use similar names of existing legitimate locksmith companies. They quote one price on the phone then when they arrive they tell the consumer that was just to come out and does not include the service for which the consumer called for. By the time they get done the bill is 3-4 times greater than was quoted and in most cases they install inferior products and try to pass them of as top of the line products.

Several news orginizations have run undercover sting operations and have caught these people in the act but the attorney general has his hands tied due to lack of licensing. ABCS GOOD MORNING AMERICA even reported this in a recent broadcast because this epidemic is sweeping the country. Now is the time for people to set up and call there representatives and ask them to get this bill approved so we can have some recourse to eliminate this threat. We have opened a blog entry on this subject on our website www.adlocks.com/Blog. Please visit and comment on the pending Florida House bill. We will make sure ALOA receives the information.


Abandoned Cabaret Theater Discovered in Berlin

September 2, 2015
The city of Berlin has experienced enormous change over the past century, and many of its old secrets have been lost through time. So when a gem like an old cabaret theater from the roaring '20s is rediscovered in the heart of the city, both historians and residents have reason to celebrate.

It was nearly four years ago that real estate developer Dirk Moritz first noticed a run-down building in the trendy central Berlin district of Mitte. He was visiting a public indoor swimming pool with his daughter next door when he saw it, hidden from the street inside the courtyard of another property, Gartenstrasse 6. It was three stories high and of all its windows were boarded up. Moritz describes it as "deserted and dilapidated."

"Something just didn't seem right deur openen with the building," he says.

Out of curiosity, Moritz asked the caretaker for the keys to take a peek inside. What he found was a mess: 30 tons of garbage that included everything from old sofas to shoes to construction rubble. Much of the building wasn't even accessible. Still, its high ceilings, wall paintings and big theatrical stage clearly had a story to tell. The discovery inspired an odyssey of research, the results of which Moritz has only now revealed.

He first got in touch with the owners -- a group of Czech heirs that had reacquired the property amid the post-reunification privatization of former East Berlin. He wanted to know more about its history, imagining an old private residence or church property. Sadly, all the owners' records and documentation had been lost or destroyed.

Internet searches and trips to the city registers and museums produced nothing. Finally, after teaming up with the Berlin-Mitte municipal archives and putting out calls to private collections, he came across postcards containing pictures of the interior when it was in use more than 80 years ago as a swinging cabaret hall and restaurant. Gradually, the property's rich history began to emerge.

From Theater to Locksmith's Shop

The building was erected in 1905 by Oscar Garbe, one of Berlin's prolific builders in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It was equipped with arched ceilings and a stage, and was first used to house "Fritz Schmidt's Restaurant and Party Hall."

In 1919, the site became the "Hummingbird Party Hall and Cabaret" and apparently remained so throughout the 1920s -- the heyday of German "Kabarett" as a form of political satire and cynical comedic entertainment.

From 1934, one year after the Nazis came to power, Moritz found no mention of the building as a theater or restaurant. There's no information on exactly why the venue closed, but the Kabarett scene, with its saucy parodies, was often subject to Nazi suppression. After World War II, when the neighborhood fell under Soviet-occupied East Berlin, it was used to store garbage and building rubble. Later, the ground floor was used as a locksmith's shop. By the time the Czech organization inherited the building, it had been abandoned and fallen into disrepair.

Moritz, founder and CEO of the real estate firm Moritz Group, bought the building last year and has since been clearing out the mess. Last week, he revealed both his discovery and some of his plans for the building. Going by the project name Secret Garden, it will presumably the first public use of the building since the 1930s.


CES 2014: The connected home revolution is a pipe dream

September 2, 2015
The connected home is a mirage that has existed since the 1950's. It has yet to materialize and won't anytime soon.

That's not to say smart appliances, smart locks and smart plugs are dead on arrival. The connected home market is estimated to hit $10 billion dollars this year, growing to $44 billion by 2017, according to wireless industry group GSMA.

But are we going to have coffee makers which can talk to our sensor-equipped beds to know to start brewing as soon as we rise for the day? Will we have lighting that automatically turns itself off and on as we walk through the house?

Related: Your Hackable House

One particularly influential connected home entrepreneur doesn't think so. Tony Fadell, CEO of connected device maker Nest and a former Apple (AAPL) executive, put forth the idea at Business Insider's Ignition conference in November that the fully-automated home controlled by a central brain is the pipe dream of bachelors.

As he explained, it's unrealistic to expect a family with kids to fill their home with a bunch slotenmaker aan huis of devices that are primed for breaking.

More realistically, he said, any smart devices people put in their homes will address specific needs and function autonomously.

This also makes sense because the tech industry hasn't yet adopted any single standard for home automation. Some devices are built around Wi-Fi, while others are gravitating towards Bluetooth. Some talk to your smartphone or tablet, others talk directly to one another.

The lack of a de facto platform has left the connected home space in relative chaos.

Related: Google wants to control your home

The tech industry has made a handful of attempts to create a home automation standard, but none have taken off. In 2011, Google (GOOG) launched the Android@Home platform. When it launched the Xbox One in November, Microsoft (MSFT) announced its Home 2.0 program, which promises to make the Xbox One a central hub in our connected homes. Apple, meanwhile, seems to support Fadell's vision of sandboxed iPhone apps for each device.

Without a universal home automation standard, consumers can't yet buy a central hub that will get all the components of their houses to respond to one another.

But there's another factor keeping the Jetsons' home from becoming a reality. Even if an automation standard does eventually emerge, how many people are going to completely upgrade their homes with all new devices and sensors necessary to make their houses truly smart and connected? The cost would be prohibitive.

We'll likely have to wait decades before these devices would be built into new and remodeled homes without a second thought, much like phone jacks and cable outlet are standard in today's homes.

So yes, expect to be in the market for some smart appliances in the future. But, for now, your whole house is going to be better off left dumb.

CNNMoney (New York) January 2, 2014: 7:18 AM ET


Breaking Into Cars: Thieves Crack Wireless Security Codes

September 1, 2015
Just after 1 o'clock one August night, a man calmly walked up to a locked car parked on a downtown Chicago street and within seconds -- without a key, without any force -- was sitting in the passenger's seat. If you witnessed it, you wouldn't think anything of it. It was just a man getting into his car.

Except it wasn't his car. It was someone else's, but the man had easily broken in and could now steal whatever he wanted. Thieves, it seems, have figured out a way to unlock cars equipped with security systems, all without so much as breaking a window or even jimmying a lock. While they are not actually stealing automobiles yet, they are able to steal belongings found inside locked cars.

That car in Chicago belongs to Michael Shin, who thought he was losing his mind when his sedan was robbed. Shin, after all, had locked the car, but now his belongings had been stolen with no sign of forced entry.

"I kept thinking, 'How did they gain access to my car if nothing was broken?'" he told ABC's Chicago station WLS-TV.

Fortunately for Shin, the answer was right there on his home security video, so he got to see how the robber had done it.

"He walks past my car, the dome light comes on and he kind of stops in his tracks and walks right into the car," Shin told WLS. "It's mind-boggling how smart they are to build some sort of a device or an app or something that allows them to steal easily."

It wasn't only Shin's car that was robbed -- his neighbors' were, too. Wireless signal experts think some car thieves have cracked security codes, so they are able to send the same unlock signal that an owner's key transmitter uses.

"It's quite possible that they already decrypted the code, they actually have the key of the car, so they can open it any time they want," Yang Xu, a professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology, told WLS.

That is what Chicago police believe too.

"We believe that this code-grabbing technology was utilized and we are looking into it and investigating," the Chicago Police Department's Andrew Schoeff told WLS.

The technology that keyless entry systems use has become much more complicated since 2010 and now changes the codes on a regular basis, but for systems that were built before then, it's a different story. And that has left locksmiths like Bill Plasky feeling dumbfounded at how thieves are now exploiting outdated systems to open cars like Shin's.

"Honestly," said Plasky, "I've never seen anything like that."

-- This embed didnt make it to copy for story id = 17367442.


K.Michelle Reveals Her New London Bae -- Meet Locksmith Rudimental

September 1, 2015
 photo image2_zpsfpkm6bhw.png

K. Michelle is letting the world know who her new London bae is. Nope, not Idris Elba. Meet him inside...

K. Michelle has been gushing about a new boo for a few months now. She previously revealed he's based in London, and she even spoke last month about picking up and moving there herself in the near future .

Now, she's staking her claim publicly. Today, she reposted Locksmith Rudimental who posted an slotenmaker amsterdam illustration featuring a couple exchanging ho they say their I Love You's. Check it:

 photo Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.45.15 PM_zpsaq0vu5qp.png

K said in response:

 photo Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.45.26 PM_zps8oelzs0s.png

Oh really? Looks like this guy i her new boo.

Locksmith Rudimental is 1/4 of the UK producer group Rudimental UK. We took a quick scan of K's page and noticed she made him her MCM recently:

 photo Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.58.02 PM_zpsczxsgmbh.png

 photo Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.57.54 PM_zpsktoyiv80.png

Mmmhmm. The twosome met last October at the MOBOAwards in London, and dude seemed quite stoked to finally meet her. He posted that night:

 photo image1_zpsopctzzxr.png

Check out more pics of Rudimental below:

 photo Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.53.57 PM_zps7xdspaus.png photo Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.48.28 PM_zpspkhso3vp.png  photo Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.54.34 PM_zpsih0jdmlq.png photo Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.53.35 PM_zps0mhbumx2.png photo Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.52.52 PM_zpstktpk6ri.png

We'll see if K. actually packs her ish and chases her heart all the way to Londontown....

Photos: Instagram


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